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Ayahuasca Ceremony: The session

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The session work is conducted in stages. Permission is asked by the shamanic healer to conduct a divination for the client before their first session.

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The second stage is the meeting of the client and the shamanic practitioner which may be face to face or by distance in the case of distant healing. The client and the healer sit down and explore the crises or issues that has lead the client to seek healing. During this stage the healer is already working with the client’s material and gathering information by client and Spirit that may be of benefit to the healing process.

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The third stage is when the healer undertakes a shamanic journey for the client. This stage is when the shamanic practitioner ’empties themselves out’ to become what is often referred to as “a hollow reed” or “hollow bone” and enters a meditative state of
consciousness. The shamanic healer goes beyond this”middle” world, beyond ego and creates the space for Spirit to conduct the healing. The client does not have to do anything at this stage. Sometimes they may have their own visions or journey, and
sometimes it is just a moment of relaxation.

Samiria Ecolodge

The forth stage of the shamanic session is when the shamanic practitioner shares the story of the journey and the information gathered on the clients behalf. The practitioner may draw the vision, or tell the client what was shown to them. Often this stage is similar to understanding the meaning of a dream, for shamanic work is often shown in stories and metaphors. By looking closely at the material of the journey, the practitioner and client unpack the information and find the meaning of the journey.
During this time the healer may say which power animal appeared, or explain the ‘soul retrieval’ among other information.

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