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The Lodge


02The commitment to the environment and the natural landscape of the area is an important part of our activities, which is why we care about the preservation thereof without altering it in the least. Therefore, we assume no complicit in activities that cause undue wear to the environment and the countryside. To this end, we propose a complete replacement of adventure tourism practices by those that allow the enjoyment of nature without negative environmental impacts. In that vein, we respect the environment and landscape of the area, making efficient use of energy and water, using friendly materials and foods with nature and the visitor.

Most important for SAMIRIA ECOLODGE is to meet current regulations and above all, respect the landscape of the place without altering or cause damage. Our goal is to achieve sustainable use of natural resources of the area through the provision of competitive tourism services, to improve the living conditions of coastal communities attached to our facilities. Being so, we contribute to the inclusion of communities to tourism to achieve improved quality of life. Also we promote care and strengthening of various local cultures and sustainable use of the environment.

Consistent with the above, today we promote reforestation, planting trees and plants in order to contribute to replant trees in areas where they have been cut or removed, as well as monitoring of animals and plants threatened with extinction.